Members of the QBI lab group have coordinated the NCITA project’s first Exemplar study workshop this Friday. The event was organised by Amanda Mathieson and co-led by Professor James O’Connor and Professor Geoff Parker. Other members of the group were also in attendance, including Dr Damien McHugh, Dr Ross Little Dr Anubhav Datta and Dr Paul Tar.

The workshop focused on oxygen-enhanced MRI, bringing together 21 NCITA members and affiliated staff from Manchester, Oxford, ICR, Imperial and UCL. The aim was for members to share their latest data, to plan delivery of the Exemplar study and to brainstorm for future grant applications.

Workshop co-lead Professor O’Connor said:

‘The UK leads research in hypoxia imaging research, particularly in oxygen enhanced MRI. Today’s workshop emphasises our forefront role and has generated several fantastic ideas that will help further strengthen our position and translate this method into clinical use.’

Find out more about the NCITA project at the website.


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